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:AS/NZS 2604:1998 and 2012, the changes 

The new standard is considered a vast improvement to the current standard, allowing an increased levels of protection for Australian sunscreens.
Major changes include:

  • Maximum allowed SPF increase from 30+ to 50+ (60), doubling the level of sunburn protection
  • SPF30+ will no longer be allowed under the new standard, however may be replaced with SPF30.
  • Incorporated of ISO test methods for international testing uniformity (ISO 24444 and ISO 2443)
  • Broad-spectrum method is the most marked difference with performance measured as the UVA-PF which also incorporates a photo-stability step which promotes an increase in the quality of the productions.
  • Water resistance remains unchanged at a maximum of 4 hours.
  • Cosmetics standard will the allow SPF50+ secondary sunscreens.

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